• Dhruv Saxena

My First Blog

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Hello there, Welcome to my first blog i don't know why i am doing this but its just i got feeling i should start writing whatever i feel. Because its my first blog so let me introduce myself first.

  • Dhruv Saxena

  • 2001 born

  • New Delhi

Its enough for now. you guys are going to know me very well in future ( if you continue to follow my blogs).

Now days i have nothing to do i am super free at this period of time as i passed my 12th class this year from CBSE board Delhi and now pursuing B.COM from SOL Delhi University

  • As of now i regularly go to my uncle's business just to understand who it all works. I am interested in doing business. I am living with my mom and younger brother. lets talk about what are the things i am going to talk about in my blogs

  • My life

  • Philosophy

  • Technology

  • Web series

  • And whatever i want to express

As this is my first blog i don't know from where to start so lets end this small into blog here and i'll be back with some preparation and some interesting stuff.


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